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March 8 2021

The new JURA ENA 4

What’s the easiest recipe to make a great cup of coffee? The ENA 4, the new automatic single-serve coffee machine from JURA, is the result of years of experience and passion for smart products, both of which are reflected in the taste of coffee.

March 8 2021

The new JURA Glacette to keep your milk fresh

The Glacette is the essential complement for all those who want to treat their family or their guests with specialties of café au lait. It keeps the milk fresh for 2 hours in the glass milk container and thus creates the ideal conditions for a perfect tasting.

February 01 2021

The new JURA E8 Dark Inox (SB)

The latest generation of the greatest success in JURA’s history impresses with its reinterpreted design and seduces with unique advantages, until now reserved for high-end machines.

January 15 2021

JURA Cup Warmer S

The barista recommends always preheating porcelain cups. Because when freshly brewed coffee flows into a cold cup, it immediately loses up to 10 degrees. However, the aromas only develop fully in the cup if the coffee is at the right temperature.

December 15 2020

Milk system detergent (mini-tabs)

JURA’s fine foam technology makes it possible to make coffee specialties such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso macchiato or flat white in perfect quality. To maintain this high level of quality, the milk system detergent has been developed in mini-tab format.