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JURA Container for milk system cleaning


The special 2-chamber container made of dishwasher-safe plastic makes it easier to clean the milk system by eliminating the need to look for suitable receptacles. It is compatible with all the listed JURA automatic coffee machines which are mentioned below and features easily visible marks to indicate how much milk system cleaner and water should be added. Its optimised shape makes it easy to store.

Optimum conditions for milk
The selected materials, ingenious design and elegant look of the JURA milk containers provide the perfect milk storage solution for any milk capacity and customer requirement. Connectors designed especially for JURA coffee machines combined with intuitive maintenance and cleaning operations guarantee optimum milk hygiene right up to the finished product in the cup.
Hygiene made easy
Close-fitting connectors create airtight connections between the milk container, milk pipe and milk nozzle. Easy to connect and disconnect in just a few steps, optimum milk hygiene is guaranteed whether you are preparing a speciality coffee with milk or during the automatic milk system cleaning that follows.
Guaranteed hygiene when using milk
Top-quality materials, airtight connections and optimum temperatures from the milk container to the cup guarantee complete milk hygiene. Thanks to the milk hygiene guarantee every speciality coffee with milk is prepared to the highest standard of quality, flowing into the cup topped with a fine, feather-light milk foam every time.
D600 ENA 8 S80 E6 SA
E60 ENA Micro 90 WE8 (2015) S8 SA
E600 GIGA 5 WE8 (2019ff)
E800 (2015) J600 GIGA 6
E800 (2018ff) S8 E8 SA

Additional information

Weight 0.44 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 9.7 × 13 cm