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Payment options

Espace Service Gabert SA offers various means of payment:

Payment by credit card

Espace Service Gabert SA accepts cards credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Please note that your card is debited immediately after payment. If your bank card no longer has the necessary funds, the payment will be refused. In this case, please pay by prepayment.

Payment by credit card takes place on a coded page: Espace Service Gabert SA does not record any information relating to credit cards.

Pay in complete security

Espace Service Gabert SA uses the Stripe e-payment solution to guarantee the security of its payments. Therefore, Espace Service Gabert SA does not record any information relating to bank cards. Payment information goes directly through an external computer center certified by the banks. This solution supports all current security standards.

The Espace Service Gabert SA online store protects its communications. The “https: // …” in the URL of your browser indicates that you are in a secure area.

Order with prepayment

You are placing your online payment, in your bank or at the Post Office.

At the end of the order, a confirmation window is displayed with the bank details where you must make your payment and an order confirmation is sent to you sent by e-mail. You have 7 days for us to receive your payment.

Failure to meet this deadline may delay delivery. As soon as Espace Service Gabert SA has received your payment, a confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail.

Items are reserved for you upon receipt of the order.

Payment to delivery (only for companies registered in the Swiss Company Register)

For our professional customers who would like it, we also offer cash on delivery within 30 working days. You will receive a payment slip to make the payment. The goods are sent upon receipt of the order.